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Cruise Critic


For the last several years, I have been active in an internet based group called Cruise Critic. Not only have I made friends, I have been able to participate in small group shore excursions.
Since last spring, I have arranged three shore excursions for the upcoming trip, one in Malaysia and two in Indonesia. I have also reserved space on shore excursionst arranged by other Cruise Critic members.
Cruise Critic members also hold Meet and Greets and luncheons And since we have been corresponding with each other for months, new friends seem like old ones when we meet. There are 10 of us on this voyage who were on the Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage in 2012. Getting on a ship and meeting friends is like going home!
Perhaps my most frequntly asked question is, “How do you pack for 3 months?” My standard reply is, “very carefully.” Because it will be cold when I reach England and later in Europe, both going and coming, I will wear my winter wardrobe on the plane to and from London. Winter clothes are heavy and take up too much rom in a suitcase.
Luggage will be one carry-on and two checked bags, the second of which Delta charges $100 each way. As I pack, I will list the clothes and report back in another post.
For now, Merry Christmas!

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