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GWV 2014 — Packing Clothes

One checked bag, one carry-on, one handbag, and layers of clothes
Since the airlines began charging for bags, I have been trying to decrease my luggage. I have decided to buy what I need on the voyage rather than pay the airlines the extra fees. Because I debark in Ft. Lauderdale and plan to drive home, my plan is easily implemented. Last year I paid $75 for the second checked bag on an international flight. This year the charges can be as high as $100 for the second bag and $200 for the third. I will be checking one bag (free on international) flights and taking one carry-on. Additionally I have a backpack/handbag and a jacket with filled pockets plus other layers of clothes. I definitely resemble a bag lady.

Formal nights, casual nights, theme nights
For formal nights I have packed a pair of long dressy pants to be paired with different tops and a short blackdress. For theme nights I have an Oriental jacket for one and a long white dress for another. The short black dress should do for a couple of the theme nights also. By mixing and matching and adding accessories, these should suffice. For casual nights I have pink crop pants with a couple white shirts and a pink pashmina, khaki crop pants with a couple of black shirts and a beige pashmina, a flowered top with black tights. All have matching accessories and shoes!

Around the ship
White sweatpants and a zippered sweatshirt will be my go to wardrobe on the ship. I also packed white shorts, white jeans, and several pink shirts. A couple of swim suits and cover-ups complete the around the ship attire.

I love shoes. This year I have really tried to keep them to a minimum of 7 pairs. One pair low dress black heels, one dress gold high heels, pink high heels, beige high heels, white Fit-Flops, pink walking Fit-Flops, and beige/black walking Fit-flops.

Cosmetics, toiletries, medications
I am taking the minimum. If I need more, I can pick them up in Singapore.

Everything else
There is always one more thing!

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GWV 2014 — Stuff You Should Take

To Make a Cabin a Home
In this electronic age, it is imperative that you carry an electrical power strip! I keep one plugged in at all times to the only electrical outlet in the cabin. Kindle, iPad, and iPhone can be charged at the same time as I have my curling iron plugged in.

A small electric desk fan circulates the air and makes the cabin more pleasant. I especially like this when one is dressing for dinner. A hanging shoe organizer is wonderful. You don’t have to dig through a pile of shoes at the bottom of the closet. Keep fragrance room spray in the bathroom; I use a small can from Bath and Body Works.

I keep a flashlight on my nightstand. And I carry a small LED light on the lanyard which holds my roomcard. The latter because after the Costa Concordia disaster, my older daughter required that I have a flashlight at all times!

Maps! I am a map maven. The walls of my cabin are festooned with maps of the places we are going. And I mark our progress on them!

To Help with Packing
I use packing cubes from Eagle Creek. I also use the clear plastic zippered cases in which linens are sold. These are wonderful… and so much less expensive than the packing cubes. Zippered storage bags in various sizes come in handy on the voyage. They are handy for medications, cosmetics, wet clothing and swimsuits, photo and electrical equipment, and packing a lunch for a shore excursion.

To Carry with You
A hand fan can make your life much more pleasant in hot climates. An umbrella (sunbrella) is also a plus. Don’t forget hand sanitizer. It is probably your best defense against disease. Carry a small packet oftissues… great to use as toilet paper. I always carry money in small bills in a zip-lock bag. Make sure the bills are new and in very good condition.

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