GWV 2014 — Walvis Bay, Namibia

Climb high, climb far, it’s the journey, not the arrival, that matters. ~~ T.S. Eliot.

Namibia is a southwestern African country of 2.3 million people, one of the least densely populated countries. 46% of the country is under conservation. 17% of the population is white. Rainfall averages 2 inches per year. Namibia has five uranium mines and is one of the world’s largest exporters of uranium. Mines can be 2.5 miles deep.

Charlotte arranged a full day tour for $89 US pp. We had four land rovers; 8 were in my vehicle. Fantastic congenial people: Karen, Morris, Kathy, Jack, Marty, Bill, and Joan. Also along on the excursion were old friends Carol Ann and Storm and Bill and Mary. We stopped at the Walvis Bay Lagoon to see the flamingoes (white) and learned that it is a Ramsar site (a wetland of international importance) for migrating birds.

Next stop was Dune 7. 426 ft. of high sand dune. Joan, Carol Ann, and Bill made it to the top! After a drive along roads made of salt, we came to the Moonscape, an area which was a sea during the Gwondonoland (spelling?) period…. that time before Africa and South America split apart. We drove along the bed of the Swakop River, which has water about every two years. We stopped to see the Welwitcher (spelling) plant which is one of the oldest species on earth. The ones (male and female) we saw were approximately 3-400 years old. Some plants can live 1,000 years. The other sparse vegetation included camelthorn trees.

Our final stop was Swakopmund, a charming nineteenth century village which retains its German heritage. Driving back to the port on a 2 lane road, we were told that this 30 km stretch was among the most dangerous in all Africa. 174 people were killed last year on the stretch due to poor visibility, overtaking (passing) on white (yellow), and drunk driving.

I purchased a large basket at a market. All in all, a wonderful TOO SHORT day!

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One thought on “GWV 2014 — Walvis Bay, Namibia

  1. Helen Dalzell

    This sounds interesting..Did you see any wild life?

    Helen D. Dalzell, CPC Taylor Associates 13191 Starkey Rd. #7 Largo, FL 33773 (727)443-4430 phone (727) 441-8958 fax

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