GWV 2014 — Ascension Island

Soldiers, from the summit of yonder pyramids, forty centuries look down upon you. ~~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Ascension Island is a volcanic island in the mid-Atlantic range of sea mountains half way between South America and Africa.
This 35 sq. mile island was first occupied by the British in 1815 to prevent a rescue of Napoleon from St. Helena 200 miles away. It later served as a provisioning station for the Royal Navy’s anti-slavery patrol. Lately the island was used a a tracking station for NASA, a staging ground for the Falklands War, and a refueling station for the Royal Navy. Currently it has become the “in” spot for sport fishermen.

It is home to the endangered green sea turtle which swims 1200 miles from Brazil to Ascension to lay their eggs every 3 to 4 years. The eggs take two months to hatch. Green sea turtles can reach up to three ft in length and weigh up to 400 lbs. at maturity. Only a small number of hatchlings make it to the sea; the remainder are picked off by sea birds.

For reasons unexplained, the Captain reinstated our call to Ascension Island. We anchored and sent a tender to shore. Unfortunately, the swells were such that it would have been unsafe to operate tenders. Instead, conservation workers came to the ship bringing souvenirs for sale. The ensuing frenzy resembled piranhas after blood. The ship proceeded to circumnavigate the island for scenic cruising.

Shipboard Life
Total frustration with the internet!! One evening I spent 26 minutes trying to send one email to my daughter… without attachments or photographs. Librarian Emily attempted to help… without results. The next morning tech expert Craig worked 47 minutes with my iPad and finally was successful in sending the email. I was not alone… there were constant requests for internet minute replacement forms. Craig must have the patience of Job to do his job.

Stargazing with expert Dan Benedict has taken place for the past several nights. We have learned to spot the Southern Cross with its alpha and beta centuri, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Orion’s Belt.

Dinner in the Cannelto with Pam, Maren, and Sandy was a laugh-filled time. The show in the Queen’s Lounge featured Dan Horn the ventriloquist and his puppets. The old woman was hilarious, the doggy sweet and funny, but the old man needs to be retired permanently.

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One thought on “GWV 2014 — Ascension Island

  1. Leslee & Bob

    We have thoroughly enjoyed your trip. Sounds like there were a lot of bumps in the road but all came out in the end. Thank you for your blog. Please travel home safe in 2 weeks and have a great summer.

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